Poor wee infants can’t help it but they *do* produce an awful lot of poo and wee. Ol should know, he’s got two of the little, er, darlings.

Problem is, said effluvia ends up in nappies (diapers), overwhelmingly ‘disposable’ ones – thousands of them per child. And the nappies end up in the ground, or being burned to make noxious air for us all to breathe. Yuck.

What’s a sleep-deprived tree-hugging parent to do? Fresh from his 1,045th day without enough sleep, Ol takes Dave slowly through the basics of why it’s so hard to green his babies’ bottoms, and why it probably isn’t a good idea to apply a nappy in the way Dave thinks it should be applied.

In other news, Dave’s finally watched that controversial Michael Moore film everyone’s losing their temper about – and he has Views on it.

And it’s the return of Sustainababble of the Week, courtesy of a supermarket with some very odd opinions on how its customers grill sausages.

Show notes this week: shout out to Bambino Mio eco-nappies, who gave us the idea for the show in the first place; to @MilesKing10 on Twitter for exposing Tesco’s peculiar thoughts; and to Dr Chris Newman for his splendid rap – see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnmfuKZdQkI .

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