If you’ve taken so much as a passing interest in environmentalism in the UK, you’ll have doubtless encountered the campaigner and writer Jonathon Porritt.

Since the ’70s he’s been at the forefront of the wider green movement: prominent in the Ecology party (what became the Green party), running Friends of the Earth, advising the UK Govt and the likes of Kelloggs & Unilever how not to be gits, and now working with the school strikers.

Raising eyebrows in the process, he also had a crack at persuading oil companies to see the light, before publicly concluding that they basically don’t want to.

Now, with his new book out – Hope In Hell: A Decade to Confront The Climate Emergency – Jonathon takes on his biggest challenge yet: 40 minutes of Paxman-esque grilling by the Babble. We think he just about survives the interrogation, but judge for yourselves.

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