Kryten is on the Babble! SMEGGIN’ HELL!

Robert Llewellyn is an actor and comedian who since 1989 has played angular faced mechanoid Kryten in cult sci-fi classic Red Dwarf. But he’s equally well known for presenting the legendary Scrapheap Challenge and, for the last ten years, phenomenally popular YouTube electric car review show Fully Charged. It’s like Top Gear, but without bellends or CO2.

Once Dave and Ol get over the fanboy thing, Robert talks to us about all things whizzy tech and clean cars, based on 10 years’ experience driving and reviewing the things. We learn how EVs might put all the mechanics out of work, why greenies getting upset about lithium and cobalt may be a wee bit misguided, and – talking of wee – just how long one has to cross one’s legs between charges of the latest models.

Oh, and why Jeremy Clarkson called Robert a very rude word indeed.

This show is dedicated to the memory of Seb Patrick.

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