Winter is coming. You’d think we’d have been let off in 2020 of all years, but no. This most cyanide-y of bitter pills is sugared by an extra hour in bed this weekend (in Blighty at least) due to the clocks going back, which reminded us of an issue that periodically gets climate types all worked up: the fact that changing the clocks is, not to put too fine a point on it, batshit crazy.

As in, why the HELL do we deliberately deny ourselves afternoon daylight and necessitate putting the lights on 60 minutes earlier than we otherwise would? Wouldn’t it be fairly non-controversial to scrap this absurd custom and prevent a few coal plants firing up?

No, no it wouldn’t, turns out. Especially in Scotland.

Exploring the issue inevitably leads us to questions like: What is time? What is the time? Is it time we stopped babbling on about something we don’t understand? Is there ever a good time for golf?

You get the idea.

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