Luddites, us greenies. People think it’s an insult to say we all want to go back to living in caves, but – lack of wifi aside – lots of biosphere-botherers wouldn’t say no.

But innovation – thinking up whizzy new stuff to fix shitty old problems – really *has* to be part of the weaponry for the ecologically-concerned, doesn’t it? Cycle lanes can’t fix all the planet’s problems, after all.

We speak to two exceptionally whizzy innovators – Ayca Dundar and Francis Field – who’ve invented a new material, made from seaweed, that stops food rotting and prevents turtles getting packaging lodged where it shouldn’t, thereby torpedoing food waste and plastic pollution in one fell swoop.

In fact their invention – Solublue – is so good they’re finalists in the international Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge, the winners of which will pocket €500,000. Nice little two up two down cave that’ll get you, we hear.

Also this week, big up to the folk at the Royal College of Psychiatrists who’ve produced some top resources on ‘eco-distress’ (see episode #185), both for children and young people, and for parents. Check them out.

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