Where once this small island in the mid-atlantic was famous for exporting cricket, heavy industry, global oppression and the rule of law, we’re now known for the contents of our bins.

For, despite a promise by Boris Johnson (we know, we know) that the UK would stop sending our crap abroad, it turns out we’re still doing just that. This barefaced porkie has provoked a child to start a petition, now signed by hundreds of thousands of irked humans. So this week we jump aboard the irk express and ask why TF we can’t sort out our own rubbish in our own country.

PLUS, we celebrate a non-maniac becoming world boss; get all goo-ey about the Guardian doing a green thing; blow gaskets at a Cumbrian coal mine; and expose Ol as the consumerist Inhofe he truly is.

Two petitions for you to sign:

* Stop the UK exporting its plastic waste https://www.change.org/p/boris-johnson-stop-the-u-k-from-exporting-its-plastic-waste

* Stop Whitehaven coal mine in Cumbria https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/568475

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