Cos capitalism, cos inhofes, cos LIFE, it’s all but impossible to be the planet’s BFF most of the time. Having kids arguably makes that task even harder.

BUT, despite the onslaught of baby marketing, and despite grandparents-to-be going all in for conspicuous consumption, there are loads of practical things parents – new ones, not very new ones, and expectant ones – can do to lessen kids’ impact on poor ol’ Mother Earth.* It is Mothers’ Day, after all.

To hear how it’s done, we’re joined by Jen Gale, host of the Sustainable(ish) podcast and author of ‘The Sustainable(ish) Guide To Green Parenting’, a new book which does precisely what it says on the tin. Pleasingly, neither the tin, the book, nor Jen pretends this stuff is easy, or always possible, or that any parent should feel bad for sometimes falling short. Amen to that.

The book is out on 18 March. You can pre-order here or in all the usual places.

*Obviously, not having kids, or having fewer kids, will reduce one’s footprint. We purposely don’t cover that here, because a) that’s not what Jen’s book is about, and b) we’ve done so previously in episodes #139 (‘Birthstrike’) and #65 (‘Babies’). Check ’em out.

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