Jo, a babble listener from Letchworth in the UK, sent in a question that kinda stumped us. What the hell, she asked, does one say to people who can’t see the point in doing anything for the planet?

Sweary and shouty retorts aside, the answer isn’t immediately obvious. So we asked you, the wise, generous-hearted, and magnanimous babble army what *you* would say. And you didn’t let us down.

So, herewith a rather splendid and dangerously uplifting 47 mins of “What’s the point?! I’ll TELL you what the point is, you little… ” featuring superlative contributions from Amelie Edwards*, Sam Longman, Isabella Fisk, and Krystal York, only one of whom uses the word “nobhead”.

*Do also check out Amelie’s excellent climate-y audio drama 5 Years from Now available from Spotify and elsewhere. More info on Amelie’s website.

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