Amster-, E-, Jean-Claude Van-. All splendid dams in their own right, but topics for another time. THIS week we set our babble sights on the massive concrete walls wot stall rivers so we can power our trouser presses.

On the face of it, hydroelectric dams seem sensible: produce loads of reliable ‘leccy from thing that isn’t fossil fuels. But the problem about the faces of things is that they often distract from the armpits of things. And, as we discover, dams get awful armpitty when you look into them.

Talking of the pits, Ol this week provides the worst and most embarrassing technical hitch of the 218 babbles so far. And apologises to Dave forever more. (Dam right he does, ed.)

WATCH: splendid 15 minute video from the Tyndall Centre re the CO2-ness of dams, as mentioned frequently in this episode

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