Despite what Assorted Inhofes say, climate change is a) real b) here already c) going to get worse. We’d better get ready. So how come we’re – er – not?

We chat all things climate adaptation with the eminent Dr Morgan Phillips, director of The Glacier Trust and, even more pertinently, author of a righteous new book about the subject, Great Adaptations.

We talk about why despite human resilience, Morgan thinks that without shunting adaptation properly up the policy wazoo it’s going to be Very Bad News Indeed for a very large number of people. And animals too. Turns out he’s rather irked at big charities – and the Babble – for not banging on about it enough, a charge out from which we don’t even attempt to weasel.

All this, and why getting ready for climate change is very much like Tottenham’s preparation for Harry Kane’s off-sodding.

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