It is bonkers that so much effort, land, water & energy is used to make so much food that never goes in anyone’s gob. Bonkers and, as babble listener Alysia points out, VERY planety-imperilly.

Alysia also notes that we’ve gone 236 episodes without focussing our babblenoculars on the matter, so this week we pinch our noses, gingerly approach the kitchen caddy and gag on the maloderous stench of the global food waste scandal.

Question one, of course, is who are the inhofes? Supermakets and their BOGOFs? Governments and their “meh”s? Or is it Ol, Dave, and the rest of us? Should we be better at planning our portions? Should we ignore use-by dates?* Should we stop being scared of our children and tell them to EAT WHAT THEY’RE DAMN WELL GIVEN?

And how, if at all, can we get the mountain of edible wasted food into the mouths of the hungry?

Read Jack Monroe’s excellent twitter thread, as mentioned in the episiode, here.

*Please under no circumstance actually do this.

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