“No please, tell me MORE about your cavity walls!” said absolutely no-one, ever.

And that’s kinda the problem for poor ol’ insulation: it’s dull. Yawningly, achingly, Michael-Owen-in-that-weird-Dubai-helicopter-video dull. And as such, few people so much as shrug when Governments comprehensively fail to insulate Britain.

BUT any muppet can see it’s a spectacularly good idea not to waste heat. Especially when there’s a war on, fuelled in part by people paying for that wasted heat.

So why do politicians lag (geddit? GEDDIT??) so far behind the curve when it comes to making homes less leaky? Will the newly gruesome geopolitical context finally jolt suits into action? And – AND – is it ever OK to say that yes, actually, some people’s homes are too damn hot?


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