What, or who, is a Liz Truss and why does anyone care? Well buckle up because approximately 17 old white men from the rich bits of England have just made her boss of Blighty and there are, we fear, going to be some changes around here.

Or, er, are there? Because while Liz Truss is an MP with as many environmentalist bones in her body as a jellyfish, and as much as it’s very, VERY tempting to get all shouty about her un-banning fracking etc., might we be getting too obsessed with individual politicians? Is one person – admittedly quite an important person – *really* going to irreparably nause things up any more than they were being naused anyway?

That’s how we’re rationalising the situation, at any rate. And it’s probably not a million miles from King Charles III’s thought process right now either.

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