Britain has lost a lot of things lately: international standing; economic credibility; its collective shit. But we’ve also mislaid something more fragile, dank and extraordinary than even Liz Truss’s premiership: our precious and hitherto largely unknown temperate rainforests.

In his new book, The Lost Rainforests of Britain, author and campaigner Guy Shrubsole sets out to right that wrong. He’s mapped every last rainforesty remnant, uncovered centuries old cultural ties to them, and outlined a compelling case for reversing their decline.

Now listen, before you get excited, don’t go expecting pumas and parrots and leeches and wotnot, like in ‘proper’ rainforests. But as Guy patiently explains, Blighty’s special areas – cold and wet rather than hot and wet, like all the places you’d actually want to go on holiday – are jam packed with extraordinary flora and fauna none-the-less.

Or at least they were, until Dave showed up with his size 9s.

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