We love babbling every week, and we hope you like what we come up with. 

Thing is this. We do the Babble for the love of it. Which is fine. But the people that do our web hosting, or the train companies that take us go and interview Babble guests, don’t do things for the love of it. They do them to get paid. And if they don’t get paid, they break Ol and Dave’s thumbs. 

The Babble is free and will always remain so. But, tell you what – it wouldn’t half be lovely to get a donation or two from our happy Babble army to help us with the day-to-day costs of running this noble li’l podcast. 

You can donate via our Patreon page: www.patreon.com/sustainababble.

A few quid would be lovely. Anything you can spare. In exchange for which, we’ll give you a huge shout out on the show, our undying gratitude, and a solemn promise to keep on Babbling until the robot uprising forces us all into a life of terrible sad penury.